Work on damage effects

Hello there! Currently we’re working on the main mechanics that will be present in game - movement and combat. I took on a task to create visual damage and would like to show some sneak pics of elemental effects. Currently done the effects for fire, frost, electric and toxin - the looks might still not be final.

I’ve used some custom made flipbook animations (spreadsheets) for flame and frost effects, which were created in Substance Designer. You can warp the image with some noise in multiple ways, creating a sense of motion this way, then save each image separately and combine into one texture. The final looks in engine are achieved by combining shader effects driven by one master material and Niagara particles.


We will explain how status effects work in another post, as we are still polishing the concept. But these visuals are awesome!

Also they have to be correctly optimized, because they can be spawned on many enemies at once, due to this fact it’s much more complex than “just creating the effect”, which is by itself a lot of work!

Love the progress. Thanks for keeping us in the loop too!