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Wow, that’s a big post with a lot of references! Some ideas are similar to what we were also discussing. With PVP apart from balancing, even bigger problem is cheaters. Cheats are becoming crazy advanced, and it’s very complicated to deal with them.

I’ve just finished reading your post. I must say I did like it. I agree levels are not necessary and are often implemented poorly and only used to lock players out of content, I believe we have better ways of preventing players from going where they shouldn’t simply in the form of difficulty and cost vs. reward. While we will have a leveling system I do not believe it will have such a great effect. Also, the inclusion of PvP is planned for Respark eventually, although we have yet to settle on the method of how we will implement it. I do think your idea has some merit, and i would love to hear what others in the community would like to see in our PvP system.

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Levelling is eh, but gear levelling is just the levelling relabelled to me. I’d love to see a system where levelling was “in-game character experience” and allowed you to fit greater, heavier and more complex equipment to yourself, without locking you out of any gameplay. You could join the game, fly to the corner of the map and get in on the biggest fights but it’ll be incredibly difficult. Once you have some experience and good gear under your belt, then the same fight will be as difficult but there’s more strategy, you have access to more abilities and such to overcome it. Use levelling as a way to introduce players to the game, restricting them to simpler gear so they can get acclimated and aren’t overwhelmed by all the options.

Instancing would be good for certain things like your missions and “raids”. Would it be possible to have random expeditions to randomly generated instances (made out of designed areas that can be slotted together) with varying selectable difficulties as quests or mining areas? The issue would be players might quit if they don’t get the one they want, but if the areas and encounters could remain dynamic enough it could be interesting.

I can’t speak to PvP. It feels like each gamemode has its own problems and solutions, and gear coming into it makes so much harder to balance. Love my old Quake and UT for that reason.
In arenas, “PvP sanctioned” gear seems appropriate and they’re constant and can be balanced around, with duelling between players having no restrictions whatsoever. Not many PvPers will agree with that though I’m sure.

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I believe it would be a huge mistake to not make PVP essentially revolve around Thumpers/extractors in one way or another.

Extractor is a unique feature of the gameplay and it would be sad if we didn’t atleast experiment how and in which way PVP can interact with it.

A few examples, however they will have the endgoal of an attacker to eventually steal the Extractor:

“PVP Extractors” - The player choses himself when and if he want to place a PVP Extractor. This will make him a possible target with people wanting to steal his Extractor, however if he succeed he’s rewarded proportionately.
A further take on this could be “Guild PVP Extractors”, were guilds fights eachother for fame, glory and Extractor.

Open PVP - Anyone could try to attack and steal any Extractor from anyone. This would probably require some limitations - ie. you can steal X amount of Extractors a day. Such limitation would prevent you from going on a complete killing spree, but also make you consider your target carefully - You want to be rewarded for your work and not waste it on a new player who’s trying to Extract dirt.
Or maybe you consider it worth it to waste your limitation to make life hard for someone you dislike, after all he insulted your mom and the community have developed a structure of social power.

By failing to defend your extractor, you have lost value in terms of materials and time, however your character or his equipment itself has not been dropped or damaged and I think this is an interesting trade off. It might feels abit shitty, but not harsh. While someone else has been rewarded for their PVP efforts and given PVP a new meaning. However being an attacker shouldn’t be risk-free at all and you should carefully consider if the risk is worth the reward.

As of balance, if one weapon is better in PVP and another is better for PVE, the attacker might still have to defend the extractor for a certain amount of time, which might also be harder to do if he’s equipped with the wrong weapon, but was necessary to steal it. In such way, gameplay could balance itself.

Can’t imagine how PVP extractor can fit with lore. Imagine 2 extractors in 100-200 meters where one is safe and other can be fighted. If you can’t attack PVE guy and can attack PVP one - why? The only reason i can imagine - something like PK system of lineage. In that case PVP extractor should be unstable but more efficient technology without exact owner (IT things :smiley: ) and PVE one - old but stable model. So the other player can touch PVP extractor to take control, he’ll be marked as criminal in “system” and can be attacked.

More lore-real is the PVP zone with no law, something like Rising Force and Albion Online did if i remember correctly. Open PVP zone which has more % of resources but no goverment control. In this case any player can choose - stay safe and get less or get risk and more resources. The idea with PVE and PVP weapons also sounds great - if weapon if prepared to attack frames (ex. EMI strikes) it should not work good enough against fauna.

The second part of your post describes the idea I had when reading the first one.
Zones far away from any towns, hubs, etc… could have PVP enabled as they don’t have any security forces around, but since they are so dangerous they can also yield more resources.

EVE Online does exactly this thing with system security levels, however it’s an absolute trash for PvE players who just want to chill out with friends and kill NPCs, they can do it in the safe zones but they will not get as much resources. Of course it’s risk/reward but having to fight other players in order to progress more quickly than PvE-only players is sometimes not a lot of fun.

It might be better to not give them more resources, but different kind of resources.

If you spend 1 hour in a PvP zone going for a certain resource, that also mean you have “sacrificed” 1 hour of other resources that you also might need. The PvP resource probably more value due to its rarity and risk attached, but you have not obtained a higher amount as you would otherwise. I don’t know the thoughts about a trade system or if there will be one, but this could allow for a market between those who PvP and those who do not.

It also made me wonder if Guilds/Clans could solve one thing or another here. Maybe your PvP effort could contribute to your Guild in a neccessary and meaningful way. Thus most guilds would likely have a PvP division that everyone in said guild can benefit from, even if someone themselve don’t wan to participate in PvP. There might be guilds who doesn’t want to have a PvP division at all, an active decision being made and thus accept what they might be missing.

However there might be a risk “PvPers” being taken advantage of, as someone might kick them out once a guild have reached its goal. There could also be an issue if someone wants to leave a guild and all the effort and contribution has been for nothing in terms of his own character development.

If PVE and PVP zones give different resources - they should be traded. I often play with my friend and he loves PVP - he don’t care about loosing exp of resources when there’s a chance to strike someone’s face. I am to afraid of PVP where PVP is the mostly only activity (like Crossout) but in farm games where you need to spend a lot of time on the land - i prefer PVE activities. So if there would be different resources on PVP and PVE zones - i would be thae player that trade for PVP resources, not fight.

This is an example, the thing i want to tell is the game should not force you to move to PVP zones. There should be the way to stay PVE, even if it’s slower way.

I actually kinda like the PvP HMRE idea, there could be some benefit to them, some bonus reward upon 100% completion. You would not get that reward if you launched it early. Perhaps also if we have human or human like NPC enemies, these may attract them aswell, there could be some interesting dynamics in combat with 3 different sides actively fighting for the same thing. This would also open the door for some very rare achievements to be had, I love hunting technical achievements rather than just pure skill based ones.

PvP zones are almost certainly something we will at least try out, it is a generally very well liked way of inplementing PvP.