What spaceship(s) made you go wow?

For me it was the spaceship from the flight of the navigator :nerd_face:

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For me it was probably the Leviathan titan from EVE Online when I saw it for the first time while flying my tiny frigate, the size difference was insane.

(I think this image is a wrong representation, because Leviathan is 18km long, this seems much shorter)


Oh also cannot forget this the Feisar, wipeout ship. This caught my attention with its sleek looks and music to back it at the time.

Could imagine being in a hidden sector among others who escape from reality. At night races are planned in an underground arena where music and speed fill the atmosphere with excitment to redo it all over again at the end of the week!

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Hell yeah! I played Wipeout HD and Wipeout HD Fury on PS3, it was insane!
I played mostly for team Qirex.

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Here’s another iconic spaceship (Grendizer/Golddrak) ufo robo


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