What about Eggs!

Remembered a show called mork and mindy, and mork the alien had a spaceship egg. So what if you could have an egg station & what is this reason for an egg station?

You can customize your egg and the pet inside can either roll around or float inside the egg at the pet area while the pets are regenerating/napping or just playing.

Once the pet are all good, the egg opens up and its back to business for the pet!


What about dev’s?

Synchronized Electrical sparked eggs flown by game devs for rapid deployment to sort problems or help out. These eggs look like an egg storm from the sky however they are the eggcellent team making an entrance.

Egg drop… its dev drop :smiley:

Ohh lord, don’t give me more ideas haha. But really, I have thought of this a little, but not deeply. We are so far away from that being possible I haven’t really put any time into it. Glad to see someone else is interested in it! I love the idea of custom pets, and it would be fairly easy to work into the lore and story.

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One other thing about the egg topic

Super rare eggs could be found once they break another egg appears this egg takes twice as long to break.

Once this breaks the thought of what surprise could it be. Sort of a kinder surprise that either gives you something great or alterntively explodes and you get some extra dirt and a run away bug! :disguised_face: