Thoughts on arcades for respark?

What if Respark/Em8er could be played on arcade machines in game venues?

  • Would this require a licence?
  • Could this benefit with social play among friends & the public?
  • Nostalgia that brings the familiar with the new ?
  • Could this bring more exposure to the game and perhaps mods?

Wondered about this since i will be involved in arcade venue with many collection of games. To introduce something like this in an arcade could be fun. With a choice to select from Respark Arcade or Em8er Arcade with its own profile created towards public use to get playing?

Is this too far fetched to think about such ideas?
I don’t know… it isn’t impossible although is it realistic hmm!

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I’m not one who want’s to encourage the dev’s even after a full release spending the money, time, and logistics on stuff like this since this is already a small team that are already very busy on there off time to make this fun hobby project without much expense and investors baggage to ruin it all in one shot. I think The game will give a great public release and this by itself will establish a great following put up these kind’s of event’s without the dev’s lifting a finger. kind like how those Smash tournament’s get set up(With Nintendo’s blessings). I just don’t want to see another stupid FF bus situation happen again.

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A good point, what if an enthusiast built an Arcade machine

With the blessing of the company would require a licence so that small % of profit goes back to them such as in events to companies and what not?

If however this does not work out well could at least get this as a great show piece for someone willing to bid for, or keep it at one of the Office!

Many will refer to the FF bus i think at the time the idea sounded great in theory. Although with the big cost of that didn’t really help to continue on sadly.

All about priorities this is just something for the future it might never happen but i like to spew this out :thinking:

I mean I like the Idea. But for the full sized cabinets, which is what I would like to play, There are precious few places that even do that any more. I wish there were more arcades still around. This was were the innovation was found in the very beginning. And there is something about those games…

I think respark is going to require a internet connection yeah? For a cabinet they might have to make a stand alone version as I don’t know that this can be guaranteed. Which is not impossible, but is more work…

But… Most of the people I know of that are interested in old school arcade style boxes have built them themselves. Full size cabinets, 3/4 scale cabinets. They looked good. Usually with a rasberyPi or similar. They could showcase how to do this… Make the plans for building one / the graphics for the cabinet available on the site. If they were not interested in selling them directly I am sure others would pick up the idea and run with it. They could even post some recommended builders on their site maybe.

Yeah for the record I always wanted to build one of these so I think this is a great idea.

For smaller ones hand held ones… Those are like kids toys. I would expect the specs on those types of boxes would require a big code change. I don’t know that I see this as practical. And I am a bit biased. As a kid I had cheesy hand held Frogger game that I loved. As a adult, it doesn’t have that same appeal to me. I would want the actual cabinet for a man cave or what not. IMHO.

Good thinking out of (or maybe in) the box though :smiley:


This definitely sounds interesting, but I can’t imagine somebody play an action shooter MMO on an arcade machine. Was there anything like this before?

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I’ve seen some super cool modern arcade machines, basically the old school aesthetic with a full PC in the back and the people who make/own them can very well customize the control layout. So it is posssible.


In the enviroment of Arcades are fun for some, and many of us play games in the confines of our homes which isn’t anything wrong, makes it less interactive in the context to meet folks and truely socialise in person.

Personally i am more inclined to meet folks in an arcade time to time. Maybe because i blabber too much plus enjoy the interesting folks with some light hearted banter as well.

To look forward to something more than the confines of my walls and get some air too after the arcade is a bonus.

Anyways not everything from the past was bad it is an alternative way such as there is the way we do things in these days.

Having choice is certainly nice and to have arcades back brings good times. Apart from when losing games and not having enough change to continue games :open_mouth:

Arcade to me makes it appealing to bringing a bunch of folks from families to friends etc. Arcade style boxes are so nice too with the artwork and its finishing.

You could say its a functional art piece and with whatever games are built into it you get to experience this. The only down side of that is not many have the space to have those unless your fortunate to have big space, time and investment to do that.

So generally speaking arcade venues is more accessible if there are one’s nearby. Thankfully we have a few here and the main thing is to keep on top of the maintaince because machines not working is sad for those who wanted to play their game.

Not only that there are some who hog the machine for hours haha probably getting really into the game or too competitive :smile:

Exactly this. Yes this is cool. Of course standing in front of a cabinet for several hours I could see being more of a novelty, but it is still cool. I would do it.


Oh totally. I am a bit of an introvert myself. So I would have something like this in a room in my house dedicated to games and likely super hero motifs.

But I miss the arcades. We lost something when those fell out of favor.


Arcades aren’t gone yet, there’s even a couple cool arcade bars in my city. It would be insane some day to see a Respark arcade game in one of them one day!

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