Resting Bonus XP?

you know, like in so many other MMOs: XP bonus while not online. except XP and teverns probably won’t fit thematically, soooo…

crafting station energy! don’t worry - it’s not a phone game energy :smile: anyway, mechanics:

  • crafting, refining, repairing - whatever - requires energy
  • consumption rate is much higher than generation
  • energy is generated constantly for everyone, stored per player, may be boosted per player at the cost of any resource
  • generation is also boosted when player is offline. lore reason: the frame isn’t used, so it’s connected to the power grid to boost the output.
  • UI: maybe don’t put any empty bars or batteries anywhere. just a number with a huge plus somewhere, slowly getting reduced. so it doesn’t feel like the player is losing something.

result - traditional higher efficiency of short playsessions, dressed differently :dancer:

could additionally have capacity and output upgrades for dedicated crafters.


A pretty good idea. I’m sure there will be people who also dislike it though, but like with anything else. Perhaps as long as you can replenish energy by spending additional resources it could work as a system that helps people who don’t have opportunity to play for long to also keep up a little better with players who play a lot. Just thoughts for now, as crafting system will be developed in future and it will be a huge chunk of work and testing