My journey with Respark so far

Storoj from art team here :smiley: I have joined somewhere in October - November 2021. First task was rifle model, and a shotgun module for it. Then some flora stuff and small props.

It was interesting to experiment with a particular plant, which we shared in one of the devblogs. The purple one with weird looking roots. I wanted the roots to sway on wind, but they were not supposed to move in places where they attach to the body of plant and ground. Making some gradient mask based on UV would not work too well, as the roots were different size. Solution was to use vertex color as a mask for movement. Vertex color was painted in Blender. The movement itself is done through the shader, as with most of the plants in games. You will see it in playtest :slight_smile:

(render from Blender)

I’ve never tried VFX, creating advanced shaders, or level design before, it seemed complex and as something that requires a lot of time to learn. But recently decided to try and it’s a great experience. I recommend to anyone who’s been hesitant to try new stuff cause it seems complicated, to just go and try it :wink: A plenty of VFX were created over couple of month, besides other stuff being also worked on.

Now I’m creating a map for playtest, it’s my first try in level design, which you will probably be able to tell when you see it, heheh. A fun and interesting process however. Quickly creating meshes to test how they fit artstyle and composition, adding variety to terrain, texturing and layering details, seeing it becoming more defined, working with shaders. I’m eager to see you running around it, gliding and shooting some enemies.

This is only a playtest map, artistic aspect of the game will keep on being constantly improved as we get more people in the team and learn to become better and better. I want to share a sneakpic of work in progress with you:

P.S. Final version will be textured and with more details of course!


Your passion for the project certainly shines through in your work! I’d take passion over expert level experience any day :blush:. The flora designs are what hooked me to this project and I can’t wait to see what else is in store.


Thank you a lot! Everyone in our team is very passionate about this project, we often get motivated by each other :slight_smile: Good thing nowadays there is lots of information out there about art, gamedev and pretty much everything that a person might want to learn, so it’s very convenient. Even in the last 10 years it changed so much and keeps changing rapidly.