Introduce yourself

Here you can tell others about yourself, so we can know a little more about each other in our cozy community :slight_smile:

I will start with myself. I’m from Ukraine, working as a 3D artist on main job, and doing lots of art related things here on Respark in free time, which is a great fun! One of my other favourite projects was to freelance for upcoming S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 game, which really helped with building up skills. Played Firefall, my nickname there was Mizogin. I’m finding it also a very enjoyable experience to interact and discuss stuff with people from our community!


Hey, I’m Rikatemu a.k.a. Jaded Prysmo.
I’m from the Czech Republic and I work as a backend developer and a DJ.

I started with game development twelve years ago but always wanted to create my own MMO game, so few years ago I started my research and this project allows me to apply the experience I gained from many prototypes I made.

Despite being the founder of this project, I haven’t played Firefall that much, as both my computer hardware and internet connection were absolutely terrible back then. I had around 10-15 fps and had to watch my friends enjoy the game without me.

When I finally obtained a better gear Firefall was shut down shortly after… :skull:

I had an army with my friend filiplonga (filipdlouhy29) called Spectral Tigers [SPAT], we had about 50 members but sadly I don’t remember their usernames as Filip was the one who was in charge of the army.


Violet-n-red is the name i used the most, but my most played Firefall character was named Hapfand. i was one of the first members of the army “Ares Helping Ares” [AHA] and it was the first guild i felt like i really belonged to. played Firefall almost until the end - enjoyed the last combat rework. but missed overworld difficulty and Arsenal, lost my good videocard during the last half a year or so, which made me play much less.

outside the videogame… i enjoy and practise various digital arts, also work on a game of my own. but since i’m from Ukraine (same as the topic starter!), my project is currently on hold for IRL reasons.


Hey :wave:.

I’m just some dude from Canada who likes video games & software development.
I’m a full-stack web developer by profession, and C# is my favourite programming language.

I found Firefall by completely random chance one day when I decided to look for a new game to play on Steam. Hooked me for many hours ever since. :+1:


Hey there, my handle in most games start with Pzy Pzycho Pzy1337 or variations on it, mostly dependent on what a game allowed. For Firefall it was Pzycho iirc and my most played battleframes were Bastion Dreadnaught and Biotech.

Before and after Firefall I played numerous MMOs and shooters and became a somewhat renowned pvp commander/coordinator for the less diehard players semi casual players. A deep radiovoice, anti meta, drunk driven pvp and naked raiding were signature gamenights with my followers. Today I am father first, gamer second and pop online every now and then for shenanigans. Part of a ‘superclan’: different clans for different games that decided to bamd together, somewhat 150 strong, 8 smaller groups of game overlapping playerbases.
I am hoping to get a band into this game as well.

In real life I work as a 36yo refinisher and woodbrander for a carpentersfactory and got 2 little princesses.


I be Merpoi! Graveyard shift Security Guard on wiiierd hours and livin’ in Californa :palm_tree: :night_with_stars: Was Haras in Firefall when was teenish obsessed with leveling up all the frames :dragon: :fly: + :rhinoceros: = :revolving_hearts: Monsters, bugs, dinos, any kind of big baddie or raids usually my type of game! (love plushies of ‘em too) Then college hit an I lost all my free time, still fightin’ for that and a paycheck now. Looking forward to squashing stuff with you guys in the future!


Hello, I am a Tech Lead and Senior Backend Engineer from Wisconsin. I found Firefall during pre-alpha when Copacabana was in its infancy. I followed the game all the way till the end and have been craving a similar experience ever since. My in-game name was AstroTurfin!

I’m thrilled to see Respark’s progress and I can’t wait to boot up the playtest for the first time. Excellent work so far guys!


Hii, I’m Spitap - or Adrien - :fr:.
I played Firefall after it’s beta state, but it was my first real game. Really enjoyed it !

So now I’m behind the door, programming and managing infrastructure we have or need (if the forum breaks, it’s not my fault, I swear).

Hope to continue through this journey :crazy_face:


Hey all. I’m liandri. I like skeletons and fast-paced arena shooters. Australian on the east coast (of Australia), so excuse my casual cursing over the voice chat.

I got into Firefall around 1.2/1.3 and it was pretty much all I played until the day it shut down. I follow Em-8ER closely and you’ll see me often there. For Respark, I found out about it from r/firefall and am interested in how it’ll go.

In my spare time, I’m working full-time, learning UE5 and Blender for an eventual (see probably never) arena shooter I’d like to make. Enjoy gardening too.


Hey guys! I’m capsLOCK, or Mike.

I’m a 3D artist from the UK. I started working on Respark towards the end of November 2021 and really feel like I’ve found a nice little home in the team. They are all so supportive and we get along so well. I only played Firefall for a short time but I’m a huge fan of Sci Fi and MMO games!


I’m NoAdO, name Vladimir, IT support engineer from Russia. I usually write text guides about something :smile: I have a motorcycle blog and tg channel to write about motorcycling. Played Firefall in past, wrote guides for russian forum about Firefall. Helped a friend to host Lineage 2 Interlude server, I wrote text for our quests, helped with team events for our server in past and worked as a moderator. I hosted own Unturned and 7days server, and i’m a MMO player too, of course.


Hey guys I’m Hunter.

I’m one of the Founders of the project alongside Rikatemu and Spitap. I am the head of the Game Design Team where we are working on the Story, all the worldbuilding that set the stage for the game, and the Lore behind it all that one day I am sure many of you will enjoy diving into.

I played FireFall from beginning to end and with that I enjoyed and loathed it almost the entire time. Since then I have played probably every game that may even resemble what once was FireFall and sadly I have found none that truly compare. So instead of just waiting around for someone else to do it, why not get involved myself?

So here I am and i hope you all stick with me ans have some fun on this journey as we create Respark!

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Drakin5 here.
Got into Firefall back in 2012 and it was the game unlike any other I’ve played. Normally, shooter games were Quake clones, pitting yourselves in a team vs team match with varying game modes. Firefall was unique that it’s an open world with events popping out randomly. When it went live, I messed around with the crafting station until I got an overpowered microplasma shotgun that just deletes anything not a raid boss.

Right now, I’m working as a licensed financial adviser here and working on a novel.

Also, hi liandri :smile: .

Let the shenanigans begin!


Hi I have recently been made aware of the Respark game through Em8er and would not of known about this if it wasn’t for the specific topic.

Firstly like to thank liandri the friendly skeleton who gave me a code so a big thanks again!
Secondly like to thank Discobot for greeting, perhaps it could dance in the game someday hmm

Here is a bit about me in no particular order

  • Likes nice forums
  • Super mario kart is top game on the Snes
  • Mtb biking, basketball and climbing is good fun
  • I am a part time activities co-coordinator and enjoys outdoors
  • Vegetarian diet tasty, healthy and may have windy side effects
  • Nostalgia is a great feeling to remind of the good things and escape.
  • Electronic music tingles my ears with very nice synthesizers
  • My camelbak is a favorite item that i take majority of the time
  • I was born in the island of tofu where a panda and gnome headbutted each other and resulted in my birth \o/

Thanks for reading and until the next post \o.


From Philippines, nighthawk main. hope to do 2m damage per shot with my melding sniper rifle once again ughh. Miss the game so much ^^


I found out about Firefall at a LAN party. I was shocked that I’d never heard of such a cool game. I lived in Arizona when I first started the game, and I was playing from California when Firefall died, but I was in the [AUS] army for a long time, and [HELLS] at the end. I played as RonOfEarth.