Gear Maintenance?

reason: if maintenance takes resoruces, then those resources could be witheld to acquire a different piece of equipment. makes trying new things relatively cheaper. also possibly adds a better sense of ownership if maintenance if sufficiently involved, but not too complex

proposed details:

  • appears like the part of equipment system - same station, same window, same prompts. equip or repair?
  • must not appear like a bill you must pay periodically to not get punished. instead, have a visible buff separate from the item’s base stats.
  • the buff and durability doesn’t scale linearly: no buff reduction at high durability, small reduction at medium, high reduction at low. player should have a lot of time to play with their new and polished toys before they start acting up.
  • several parts per equipment piece, each takes different resource. so the player could maintain their gear at least somewhat if they didn’t luck into the right resource for a while. also improves immersion.

some less important immersion features:

  • wear-out rate may vary based on strain put on the piece
  • repairing takes time, so storing multiple pieces - or even sets - is useful
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I had the same idea (A case against durability | Em-8ER) as an alternative to the durability system, where instead of repairing items, you would spend resources for a temporary buff up to the next “tier”, which would slowly degrade back down with use. It would be an alternative to upgrading as the plan in that game as you could only upgrade equipment to the next tier if the “world tier” was at that level, which might not always be the case. This way, players could either:

  1. Spend a lot of resources upgrading to the next tier, or
  2. Temporarily upgrade to the next tier for a lower amount

It’s also a good alternative for players who don’t have a lot of time to grind the resources necessary to upgrade, since the degradation is based on use, not time. It also means that gear doesn’t break temporarily or permanently.

Having individual parts be upgraded is an idea. Like upgrading individual stats instead of the entire piece?

Edit: I suppose the one thing I forgot to think about was the highest tier items. Interested to hear some thoughts in the end-game items. Should you need to constantly maintain these so they aren’t used all the time?

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