Controversial Debate

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

The answer is dark chocolate. :^)


I prefer milk and sometimes even white chocolate.
Dark chocolate only for cooking. :disguised_face:

:vindium: :chocolate_bar:

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Milk chocolate, 100%. Goes good with everything, from rocky road, to liquorice to caramel.
Rum and raisin though, very good argument for dark.

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depends on the situation.

Standalone chocolate chunks that I can slowly and calmly munch, I prefer dark.

Cookies, ice cream, brownies, passing through a room at a party and there’s a tray of chocolate, I prefer milk chocolate.

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Always preferred milk chocolate, even though dark is considered higher quality :smile:

Dark chocolate 90% this is my fave and if you make a cake with banana and walnuts and dark choco its even better!

Now when i am trying anything that is lower cocoa content the sweetness is more noticeable

What i usually say as an example try dark chocolate with a little raisins, strawberry etc then reduce the fruit count gradually.

Eventually your taste buds would get used to which it has for me personally.

I like to have 2 small squares a day its my little reward/boost just like someone has their coffee or tea i rather have my 2 dark chocolate for the day and be on my way :smiley:


Ever eaten green chocolate? It’s tasty.

I did once, didn’t like it :sweat_smile:

Milk chocolate all the way! And an even more unpopular opinion… Hershey’s is excellent :sweat_smile: