Community Update 4: The Soul Region

Greetings, everyone!

I am excited to give you a first glimpse into a new and enchanting location, The Soul Region. Those of you that are in the discord may already have seen a piece of this.

The River Valley

Sometimes called ‘The Endless River’, powered by dozens of small, fast moving rivers and streams, The River Valley provides life to the area, feeding the forest and all that lives within it.

The Elder Tree

The Heart Of The Forest. Standing proudly by the cliffs, Its roots delve deep into the ground while its branches seem to brush the very heavens. It’s said that the Elder Tree is as old as time itself, a silent guardian that has watched over Phoenix Lake for millennia. Drawing strength from The River Of Souls, to this day it stands strong against the Koros.

The River Of Souls

“Its current flows on, carrying with it the memories of those who have come before and the hopes and dreams they never achieved. It is a testament to the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. It is a place where legends are born and souls are forever changed.”
This river is a reminder of the past, and a source of strength in the present. Forever flowing timeless water. It is the soul of Phoenix Lake, fueled by the souls of those who have fallen, their memories and thoughts like a living story playing as the river flows.

Phoenix Lake

It is said that those who dare to jump from the Falls and emerge from Phoenix Lake still intact will be marked with the symbol of the Phoenix, a sign of rebirth and renewed purpose. Those who are not strong enough to survive the jump, however, they continue on, forever a part of the river.

Looking Forward

As we continue to forge this world. The Soul Region stands as the first of many to come. I hope you will continue to stick with us and discover the ever expanding world of Respark.

Remember to check the ⁠#welcome channel to select roles to be notified about everything we have happening.

We are adding new volunteer community positions, Community Mods and a Community Manager! Anyone who is interested please PM me @Hunter5683 or submit a ticket in # -join-the-team and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You.