Community Update 3: Monthly Roundup

Greeting, everyone!

We’re thrilled to bring you this month’s update, filled with sneak peeks, progress reports, and a glimpse into the hard work our teams have been pouring into Respark. Our team is fueled by your support, and we’re excited to share the latest developments.

Sneak Peak:

Calling All Engineers!
Our Art Team has been hard at work sketching, modeling, and texturing to bring the Engineer class something truly special. While we’re not ready to unveil everything just yet, Picture this: a device that embodies the essence of engineering—innovation, utility, and, of course, a little bit of sci-fi flair. Stay tuned for the full reveal!

Constant Progress:

The Programming Team has been in the trenches, tackling one of the most critical components of multiplayer gaming—networking. We’re developing a custom solution designed to minimize latency, increase stability, and ensure a smooth gaming experience for players worldwide. It’s no small feat, but progress has been substantial.

In addition to networking, we’ve implemented several optimizations to improve game performance. The primary of which recently has been some massive improvements in how we handle all of our weapon skews. Below you will see what that looks like!

These behind-the-scenes improvements are essential for us to create the most enjoyable and seamless experience for all of our players.

Scaling Enemy Stats:

Our Design Team has been hard at work ensuring that Respark remains challenging and engaging at every level. A key focus has been on scaling enemy stats to keep the difficulty curve consistent, whether you’re just starting out or battling through the late-game content. Through meticulous testing and adjustment, we’re fine-tuning the balance to ensure that each encounter is both fair, thrilling, and an exciting challenge.

This process involves a combination of time intensive algorithm adjustments and a great deal player feedback to strike the perfect balance. We’re committed to creating a dynamic game world where your strategies, skills, and adaptations truly matter.

Check out #puzzles for a new puzzle to solve that may be useful to you in the future @Puzzle Notification.

Looking Forward:

There’s much more on the horizon, and we’re just getting started. Your enthusiasm and feedback drive our efforts, and we’re always listening. Whether it’s through our forums, discord, or direct messages, your voice is a vital part of Respark’s development.

Remember to check the ⁠#welcome channel to select roles to be notified about everything we have happening.

We are adding new volunteer community positions, Community Mods and a Community Manager! Anyone who is interested please PM me @Hunter5683 or submit a ticket in # -join-the-team and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lastly, we are looking for a sound effects person to join the team, if anyone is interested please let us know!

Thank you for being an incredible community. We can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months.