Community Update 2: Basic Movement

Greetings, everyone!

We’re thrilled to bring you an update on the progress and enhancements we’ve made to player character movement. Here it is:

Smooth Ground Movement

First and foremost, we’ve made significant improvements to ensure that ground movement feels incredibly smooth. We know how important it is to have nice fluid motion and we have been hard at work to achieve that. Most recently we have been working on sideways and backwards movement so that it feels natural and satisfying.

To that effect we have a video to show on our Youtube page:

Looking Forward

We are looking to continue improving our movement controls, as you will see, we still need to refine the take off from the ground into using the jetpack a bit. We are looking for every possible way that we can make improvements and look forward to hearing any feedback you may have.

I am happy to announce that we are adding new volunteer community positions, Community Mods and a Community Manager! Anyone who is interested please PM me @Hunter5683 or submit a ticket in # -join-the-team and I will get back to you as soon as possible. We also have our first Community Mod RZWODZWO!

Please remember to check the ⁠#welcome channel to select roles to be notified about everything we have happening.

Thank You,


Would the pilots be able to do rolls thats one thing i think could be fun just to roll around and to even be abit more evasive on the ground?

I wonder if you can experiment with blending the animation when a character is sprinting forward, he is fighting against some inertia with the velocity varying, and you want to look and move right or left he has weight behind his body and leg movement when changing direction. so it doesn’t look like it’s just rotating the terrain as much when you maneuver on foot. I guess you could apply this thought to the impact of falling also. one transition would be if the fall velocity is not fatal in ref of the stats the character has. when he is moving forward enough the animation commit’s in a 4 legged gallop or what ever forward moving impact that looks good shrugging off into a sprint or walk if the intent is to continuing after the impact of the fall. you could add in more movement’s if he’s also try the move right or left during the transition.


We still have to do a little refactor of the movement system, it works nicely right now, but there are a few movement bugs which sometimes appear after doing certain movement combos. Additionally part of the movement sytem is gliding which @rasharn0121 is working on right now. :slight_smile:

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Even a pet rolls just saying … rolling :face_in_clouds:

Hmmm i’m thinking it should be reserved for an ability with additional effects.

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Ah such as how the mini baneclaws would roll?

Question then is how long can the ability be used to roll for such as:

  • Set amount of rolls e.g. 5?
  • Duration to roll for that time?
  • One mega roll that knocks small close groups as if they were pins in bowling?
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Good idea’s like this should be Revise/added/saved and built up on for a later date. when the dev are ready work on including it for one of their frames we can populate the topic for it.

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