Bugfixes, new weapons and a road to the next playtest

Hey everyone,
it’s been a long time since the last devlog and this post is probably not going to be one, but it should give you an idea of what we’ve been doing over the summer.

First, as we are a team of enthusiasts who are not working full-time on the project and we do everything in our free time, it’s a bit harder to create new content during the summer, as most of the people are away, or people are randomly unavailable much often than during the winter.

However, even with less activity in the team, our programmers and artists were able to fix more than 50 reported bugs from the first playtest, improve stability of the game servers and backend services, and finish art for new weapons and environments.

@Storoj has created two awesome weapon designs for the Biogun and Charge Rifle, which are currently being worked on in the programming team.

Here is a video of the work-in-progress Biogun functionality. Currently the weapon shoots nanite projectiles in 3-shot bursts which deal smaller amount of damage than other weapon types, but have a small AoE and most importantly heal allies

2 more weapon type designs are currently being worked on, so stay tuned to learn more about them in upcoming updates.

The next playtest is coming closer again, but there are still a few bugs & issues that have to be solved first.


I also wanted to talk about the speed of the development, while it’s a hobby project it’s fairly quick & easy to add a new content and mechanics, however what slows us down is making it feel right and functional.

Tbh we are a lot behind in our internal roadmap as it’s currently more important to fine-tune the movement and combat. With most of the underlying systems prepared, adding a crafting system for example would take about two days of work for the “at least somewhat functional” version, but let’s not do it now and polish the core of the game!

I wish I could take a time off and play some og Firefall with my friends just like the old times, but I can’t because I’m the one responsible for “returning it’s existence” in a way. :team_abyssall:

Feel free to ask questions about anything and thanks for your support everyone! :heart: